Listing Rules and Guidance: Contents


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The Listing Committee will, if requested by any party to be reprimanded, criticised, censured or otherwise sanctioned in pursuance of the powers contained in rules 2A.09 and 2A.10 (an "appellant") give its reasons in writing for the decision made against that appellant pursuant to rules 2A.09 and 2A.10 and that appellant shall have the right to have the decision against him referred to the Listing Committee again for review. If the Listing Committee modifies or varies the ruling of the earlier meeting, it will, if requested by the appellant, give its reasons in writing for the modification or variation and, in respect of decisions pursuant to rule 2A.09(2), (3), (5), (7), (8) or (9) only, the appellant shall have a right to a further and final review of the decision against the appellant by the Listing Appeals Committee. The decision of the Listing Appeals Committee on review shall be conclusive and binding on the appellant. If requested by the appellant, the Listing Appeals Committee will give reasons in writing for its decision on review.