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Where a new applicant acquires any material subsidiary or business during the trading record period (see rule 4.04(1)) and such an acquisition if made by a listed issuer would have been classified at the date of application as a major transaction (see rule 14.06(3)) or a very substantial acquisition (see rule 14.06(5)), it must disclose pre-acquisition financial information on that material subsidiary or business from the commencement of the trading record period (or if the material subsidiary or business commenced its business after the commencement of the trading record period, then from the date of the commencing of its business) to the date of acquisition. Pre-acquisition financial information on the material subsidiary or business must normally be drawn up in conformity with accounting policies adopted by the new applicant and be disclosed in the form of a note to the accountants' report or in a separate accountants' report.

Note: For the purpose of determining whether an acquisition is material and falls within the classification of a major transaction or a very substantial acquisition, reference shall be made to total assets, profits or revenue (as the case may be) of the acquired business or subsidiary and this shall be compared to the total assets, profits or revenue (as the case may be) of the new applicant as shown in the most recent financial year of the trading record period.