Listing Rules and Guidance: Contents


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The documents under rules 9.11(1) to (38) must be lodged with the Exchange according to the following schedule:

(1) documents under rules 9.11(1) to 9.11(17c) must be lodged at the time of submission of Form A1;
(2) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
(3) documents under rules 9.11(18) to 9.11(22) must be lodged at least 4 clear business days before the expected hearing date;
(4) documents under rules 9.11(24) to 9.11(28a) must be lodged before bulk-printing of the listing document;
(5) documents under rules 9.11(29) to 9.11(32) must be lodged as soon as practicable after the hearing of the application by the Listing Committee but on or before the date of issue of the listing document;
(6) document under rule 9.11(33) must be lodged by no later than 11 a.m. on the intended date of authorisation of the prospectus; and
(7) documents under rules 9.11(34) to 9.11(38) must be lodged as soon as practicable after the issue of the listing document but before dealings commence.