Listing Rules and Guidance: Contents


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The following documents, as applicable, must be lodged with the Exchange together with the listing application:—

(1) such number of copies of drafts or proofs of the listing document as the Exchange may require, marked in the margin to indicate where the relevant paragraphs from Chapter 11 and/or Part B/F of Appendix 1 and/or the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance have been met;
(2) if the listing document contains an accountants' report, a draft of any statement of adjustments relating to the accountants' report;
(3) if the listing document contains a profit forecast (see rules 11.16 to 11.19), a draft of the board's profit forecast memorandum with principal assumptions, accounting policies and calculations for the forecast; and
(4) for issue of new warrants to existing warrant holders, a legal opinion, from a lawyer of the relevant jurisdiction, confirming that the warrant proposal complies with the relevant provisions of the issuer's constitutive documents and the terms of the existing warrant instrument (see paragraph 4(f) of Practice Note 4).