Listing Rules and Guidance: Contents


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Exemptions from the connected transaction requirements are available for the following types of transactions:

(1) de minimis transactions (rule 14A.76);
(2) financial assistance (rules 14A.87 to 14A.91);
(3) issues of new securities by the listed issuer or its subsidiary (rule 14A.92);
(4) dealings in securities on stock exchanges (rule 14A.93);
(5) repurchases of securities by the listed issuer or its subsidiary (rule 14A.94);
(6) directors' service contracts and insurance (rules 14A.95 and 14A.96);
(7) buying or selling of consumer goods or services (rule 14A.97);
(8) sharing of administrative services (rule 14A.98);
(9) transactions with associates of passive investors (rules 14A.99 and 14A.100); and
(10) transactions with connected persons at the subsidiary level (rule 14A.101).