Listing Rules and Guidance: Contents


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Main Board Listing Rules Update

The amendments to the Main Board Listings Rules have been marked-up for your reference. Please note that Chapter 13, Practice Notes 13 and 19 and Parts A, B and I of Appendix 7 of the current Main Board Listing Rules are being repealed. Their subject matter is, where appropriate, being moved to other parts of the Listing Rules.

Chapter 1 Interpretation
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3 Sponsors, Authorised Representatives and Directors
Chapter 4 Accountants' Reports and Pro Forma Financial Information
Chapter 5 Valuation of and Information on Properties (Amended rules only)
Chapter 6 Suspension, Cancellation and Withdrawal of Listing
Equity Securities
Chapter 7 Methods of Listing
Chapter 8 Qualifications for Listing
Chapter 9 Application Procedures and Requirements
Chapter 10 Restrictions on Purchase and Subscription
Chapter 11 Listing Documents
Chapter 13 (new) Continuing Obligations
Chapter 14 (new) Notifiable Transactions
Chapter 14A (new) Connected Transactions
Chapter 15 Options, Warrants and Similar Rights
Chapter 15A Structured Products (Amended rules only)
Chapter 17 Share Option Schemes
Chapter 18 Mineral Companies
Chapter 19 Overseas Issuers
Chapter 19A Issuers Incorporated in the People's Republic of China
Investment Vehicles
Chapter 21 Investment Companies (Amended rules only)
Debt Securities
Chapter 36 Overseas Issuers (Amended rules only)
Chapter 37 Selectively Marketed Issuers (Amended rules only)
Practice Notes
Practice Note 1 Procedures Regarding the Delivery of Information and Documents
Practice Note 8 Introduction of CCASS and Emergency Share Registration Arrangements During a Typhoon and/or a Black Rainstorm Warning
Practice Note 10 Interim Reporting for New Issuers
Practice Note 11 Suspension and Restoration of Dealings
Practice Note 12 Valuations of Property Situated in Developing Property Markets (Amended rules only)
Practice Note 15 Principles which the Exchange Applies when Considering Spin-off Applications
Practice Note 17 Sufficiency of Operations and Delisting Procedures
Appendix 1 Contents of Listing Documents
Appendix 1A Equity Securities
Appendix 1B Equity Securities (Amended rules only)
Appendix 1C Debt Securities (Amended rules only)
Appendix 3 Articles of Association
Appendix 5 Forms Relating to Applications for Listing
Form A1 Advance Booking Form (For Equity and Debt Securities)
Form E Sponsors Declaration
Appendix 6 Placing Guidelines for Equity Securities
Appendix 9 Model Code for Sponsors (Amended rules only)
Appendix 10 Model Code for Securities Transactions by Directors of Listed Companies
Appendix 13 Additional Requirements in Respect of Certain Jurisdictions
Part A Bermuda
Part B The Cayman Islands
Part D The Peoples Republic of China
Appendix 15 Bank Reporting
Appendix 16 Disclosure of Financial Information