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  • Characteristics of GEM

    • 2.12

      GEM has been positioned as a market designed to accommodate small and mid-sized companies to which a higher investment risk may be attached than other companies listed on the Main Board. Appropriate warning and disclosure in this regard is required to be made by all issuers in their listing documents and circulars and without prejudice to the generality of this rule, reference is made to the provisions of rule 2.20.


      1 The qualifications for listing on GEM do not include any obligation to forecast future profitability.
      2 Given that the companies listed on GEM are generally small and mid-sized companies, there is a risk that securities traded on GEM may be more susceptible to high market volatility than securities traded on the Main Board and no assurance is given that there will be a liquid market in the securities traded on GEM.
      3 [Repealed 15 February 2018]

    • 2.13

      The GEM Listing Rules require, and emphasise the on-going need for, comprehensive and timely disclosure of relevant information by all issuers. In this regard, particular attention is drawn to the following matters:—

      (1) A new applicant is required, in its initial listing document, to prepare a detailed statement of business objectives (see rule 11.15). It is subsequently required, in respect of its half-year end (in the event this follows listing) and full-year end for the financial year in which it is listed and the half-year ends and full-year ends of the two financial years thereafter, to draw up a comparison of actual business progress to the information provided in the statement of business objectives for the equivalent period and explain any material differences (including as to its use of proceeds, as indicated in the initial listing document) (see rules 18.08A);
      (2) A listed issuer is required to publish audited annual accounts and half-year and quarterly reports, which reports need not be audited (see Chapter 18);
      (3) [Repealed 1 January 2013]
      (4) The directors of an issuer are collectively and individually responsible for ensuring the issuer's full compliance with the GEM Listing Rules; and
      (5) [Repealed 1 July 2008]

    • 2.14

      The Exchange expects each director of an issuer to be cognizant of the GEM Listing Rules and reasonably familiar with the obligations and duties imposed upon him and the issuer pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules, the Securities and Futures Ordinance, the Companies Ordinance, the Takeovers Code and the Code on Share Buy-backs.

    • 2.15

      Having regard to the higher risk profile of GEM, the GEM Listing Rules impose additional responsibilities on the Compliance Adviser of an issuer by comparison to those imposed on a Compliance Adviser to a company listed on the Main Board (see Chapter 6A). Sponsors and Compliance Advisers are expected to play an important role in upholding and maintaining the standard of GEM issuers and hence the market's confidence in GEM.

    • 2.16 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2005]

    • 2.17

      In circumstances where breaches of the GEM Listing Rules have been identified, the Exchange will take appropriate measures to enforce compliance and/or impose appropriate disciplinary measures.