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  • Preliminary

    • 24.01

      Rule 11.05 provides that an issuer can be incorporated or otherwise established under the laws of the PRC, Bermuda or the Cayman Islands (as an alternative to Hong Kong). Chapter 25 concerns PRC companies. This Chapter concerns companies incorporated or otherwise established in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands or any jurisdiction, other than Hong Kong or the PRC, accepted by the Exchange from time to time as being a suitable jurisdiction for the incorporation or establishment of an issuer proposing to list on GEM.

    • 24.02

      The GEM Listing Rules apply as much to overseas issuers as they do to Hong Kong issuers, subject to the additional requirements, modifications or exemptions set out or referred to in this Chapter. Overseas issuers are encouraged to contact the Exchange if they envisage any difficulties in complying fully with the relevant requirements.

    • 24.03

      In circumstances where the overseas issuer is or is to be listed on another stock exchange as well as on GEM, the provisions of the GEM Listing Rules, unless otherwise stated, apply in their entirety, save for any additional requirements, modifications or exemptions set out in this Chapter (or elsewhere in the GEM Listing Rules). The Exchange reserves the right, on a case by case basis, to waive or modify any requirement of the GEM Listing Rules relating to an overseas issuer if it is or is to be listed on another regulated, regularly operating, open stock exchange in respect of which the standards of protection for shareholders and investors are at least equivalent to those afforded pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules.

    • 24.04

      Any references in the GEM Listing Rules to directors of the issuer shall be construed as references to members of the overseas issuer's governing body.