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  • General

    • 25.44

      References in Chapter 19 to an issuer's "accounts" shall mean, in the case of a PRC issuer, the latest published audited accounts or consolidated accounts of such PRC issuer which have been prepared in accordance with Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards or China Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises as provided for in rule 18.04.

    • 25.45

      All documents furnished by a PRC issuer, including accounts, which are in a language other than English or Chinese must be accompanied by a certified English or Chinese translation. If the Exchange so requires, an additional translation must be prepared in Hong Kong at the PRC issuer's expense by such person or persons as the Exchange shall specify.

    • 25.46

      Information to be supplied by PRC issuers in a listing document or accounts notwithstanding any obligation in the GEM Listing Rules, the Statutory Rules or any obligation imposed by the laws of Hong Kong shall not be less than that required to be supplied by the PRC issuer under applicable PRC law.