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  • Application

    • 28.10

      In circumstances where rule 27.04 applies such that the issuer has appointed a Sponsor or financial adviser, that Sponsor or financial adviser is responsible for providing advice to the issuer in connection with the debt issue and must lodge the issuer's application for listing and all supporting documents and deal with the Exchange on all matters in connection with the application.

    • 28.11

      The application for listing must be made, in accordance with the provisions of rule 28.03, in the prescribed form set out in Appendix 5C, signed by a duly authorised officer of the issuer. The form must be accompanied:—

      (1) by the documents, as applicable, stipulated in rule 28.13;
      (2) in circumstances where the issuer or the issuer's holding company is required to have (or otherwise retains) a Sponsor or financial adviser, the Sponsor's or financial adviser's statement relating to independence in a form acceptable to the Exchange; and
      (3) the listing fee in the amount specified in Appendix 9.

    • 28.12

      The Exchange has a discretion to reject any application. In such circumstances, the Exchange shall give written notice of the rejection and the reasons therefor.