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  • Risk factors

    • 29.12

      The listing document should fully set out, explain and give appropriate prominence to any risk factors which should be drawn to prospective investors' attention, having regard, as a minimum, to the following principles:—

      (1) whether or not there are risks that are relevant to the issuer itself, including as to matters such as reliance on particular products or services, the concentration of expertise within the issuer, continued sources of funding;
      (2) whether or not there are risks that are relevant to the issuer's business, including risks attendant with the products, services or activities themselves and risks relevant to the industry or sectors in which the issuer operates; and
      (3) whether or not there are risks on a macro-scale that are relevant to the issuer, including geographic, economic, political and exchange rates, currency controls or other financial risks relevant to the issuer or the markets in which it operates.

      Note: Risk factors should be capable of being read in isolation and should not be accompanied by statements or qualifications concerning steps that the issuer proposes to implement in order to alleviate such risks. Information in this regard may however be contained elsewhere in the listing document.