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  • Programmes

    • 30.33

      This section sets out the procedures for listing securities under a programme that the Exchange has approved.

    • 30.34

      A debt programme that the Exchange has approved is valid for issuing debt securities for one year after the date it is published.

    • 30.35

      An issuer must submit the pricing supplement for an issue under a programme before 2:00 pm of the business day before listing is required to become effective. It must not issue the pricing supplement until the Exchange has confirmed that the issuer may issue it.

    • 30.36

      The Exchange will approve the listing of all securities issued under a valid programme subject to the issuer:
      (a) notifying it of the final terms of each issue;
      (b) confirming that the securities have been issued; and
      (c) paying the appropriate listing fee before listing.