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  • Announcements, circulars and other documents

    • General (31.19-31.19A)

      • 31.19

        In addition to the specific requirements set out in the GEM Listing Rules, the issuer shall:—

        (1) submit to the Exchange copies of drafts, for review before they are issued, of any announcements or advertisements relating to the issue of new or further debt securities or any announcements or advertisements the subject matter of which may involve a change in or relate to or affect arrangements regarding trading in its listed debt securities (including a suspension of dealings);
        (2) submit to the Exchange copies of drafts, for review before they are issued, of any proposed amendment to its memorandum or articles of association or equivalent document which would affect the rights of the holders of its listed debt securities; and
        (3) not issue any of such documents until the Exchange has confirmed to the issuer that it has no further comments thereon.

        1  4 copies of each document are required, which should be submitted in sufficient time for review and, if necessary, re-submission prior to dissemination or final printing.
        2  Every announcement or advertisement which has been reviewed by the Exchange in accordance with the provisions of rule 31.19(1) must contain on the front cover or on the top of the announcement or advertisement a prominent and legible disclaimer statement in the form set out in rule 2.19.

      • 31.19A

        The Exchange shall be authorised by the issuer to file "applications" (as defined in section 2 of the Statutory Rules) and those corporate disclosure materials within the meaning of sections 7(1) and (2) of the Statutory Rules received by the Exchange with the Commission pursuant to sections 5(2) and 7(3) of the Statutory Rules respectively and issuers shall be deemed to have agreed to the above by filing such applications and corporate disclosure materials with the Exchange. The authorisation aforementioned shall not be altered or revoked in any way unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Exchange and the Exchange shall have the absolute discretion to grant such approval. In addition, the issuer undertakes to execute such documents in favour of the Exchange perfecting the above authorisation as the Exchange may require. Applications and relevant corporate disclosure materials shall be filed with the Exchange in such manner and number of copies as the Exchange may from time to time prescribe.

    • Presentation of information (31.20)

      • 31.20

        Without prejudice to any specific requirements of the GEM Listing Rules as to content or responsibility for the document in question, any announcement or corporation communication required pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules must be prepared having regard to the following general principles:—

        (1) the information contained in the document must be clearly presented and in plain language; and
        (2) the information contained in the document must be accurate and complete in all material respects and not be misleading or deceptive. In complying with this requirement, the issuer must not, among other things:—
        (a) omitt material facts of an unfavourable nature or fail to accord them with appropriate significance;
        (b) present favourable possibilities as certain or as more probable than is likely to be the case;
        (c) present projections without sufficient qualification or explanation; or
        (d) present risk factors in a misleading way.

    • Forwarding of documents, circulars, etc. (31.21)

      • 31.21

        The issuer shall forward to the Exchange:—

        (1) 1 copy of each of the English language version and the Chinese language version of:—
        (a) [Repealed 1 September 2008]
        (b) the annual report and accounts and, where applicable, the summary financial report at the same time as they are despatched to the holders of its listed debt securities with registered addresses in Hong Kong; and
        (c) any half-year or quarterly report prepared by the issuer as soon as possible after it has been approved by the board of directors of the issuer;

        Note: Wherever practicable the issuer should provide the Exchange with such reasonable number of additional copies of these documents as the Exchange may request.
        (2) 1 copy of notices of meetings and notices by advertisement to holders of its bearer debt securities at the same time as they are issued; and
        (3) upon request by the Exchange, such number as may be requested of certified copies of all resolutions of the holders of listed debt securities, within 15 days after they are passed.

    • Circulars to holders of debt securities (31.22)

      • 31.22

        (1)    In the event of a circular being issued to the holders of any of the issuer's listed debt securities, the issuer shall issue a copy or summary of such circular to the holders of all its other debt securities listed on the Exchange (not being bearer debt securities) unless the contents of such circular are of no material concern to such other holders.
        Note:  Where there is a class of listed debt securities in bearer form, it will be sufficient to publish on the Exchange’s website in accordance with Chapter 16 an announcement referring to the circular and giving an address or addresses from which copies can be obtained.
        (2)    The issuer must ensure that all necessary facilities and information are available to enable holders of its listed debt securities to exercise their rights. In particular, it must inform holders of the holding of meetings which they are entitled to attend, enable them to exercise their right to vote, where applicable, and publish on the Exchange’s website in accordance with Chapter 16 notices or distribute circulars giving details of the allocation and payment of interest in respect of such securities, the issue of new debt securities (including arrangements for the allotment, subscription, renunciation, conversion or exchange of such debt securities) and repayment of debt securities.