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  • Forwarding of documents, circulars, etc. (31.21)

    • 31.21

      The issuer shall forward to the Exchange:—

      (1) 1 copy of each of the English language version and the Chinese language version of:—
      (a) [Repealed 1 September 2008]
      (b) the annual report and accounts and, where applicable, the summary financial report at the same time as they are despatched to the holders of its listed debt securities with registered addresses in Hong Kong; and
      (c) any half-year or quarterly report prepared by the issuer as soon as possible after it has been approved by the board of directors of the issuer;

      Note: Wherever practicable the issuer should provide the Exchange with such reasonable number of additional copies of these documents as the Exchange may request.
      (2) 1 copy of notices of meetings and notices by advertisement to holders of its bearer debt securities at the same time as they are issued; and
      (3) upon request by the Exchange, such number as may be requested of certified copies of all resolutions of the holders of listed debt securities, within 15 days after they are passed.