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  • Miscellaneous obligations

    • Paying agent (31.35)

      • 31.35

        An issuer or its guarantor must appoint and maintain a paying agent and/or, where appropriate, a registrar in Hong Kong until the date on which no listed debt security is outstanding, unless the issuer itself performs these functions. Such paying agent must provide facilities for obtaining new debt securities, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the debt securities, to replace those debt securities which have been damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed and for all other purposes provided for in the terms and conditions of the debt securities.

    • Equality of treatment (31.36)

      • 31.36

        An issuer shall ensure equality of treatment for all holders of its listed debt securities of the same class in respect of all rights attaching to such securities.

        Note: In the case of overseas issuers, the Exchange may in exceptional circumstances, permit early repayment contrary to this rule, provided that such repayment is in accordance with national law.