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  • Annual report and accounts and auditors' report (31.42-31.47)

    • 31.42

      The annual accounts must be audited by a person, firm or company who must be a practising accountant of good standing. Such person, firm or company must also be independent of the issuer to the same extent as that required of an auditor under the Companies Ordinance and in accordance with the statements on independence issued by the International Federation of Accountants and must be:—

      (1) qualified under the Professional Accountants Ordinance for appointment as an auditor of a company; or
      (2) a firm of accountants acceptable to the Exchange which has an international name and reputation and is a member of a recognised body of accountants.

    • 31.43

      The accounts must be audited to a standard comparable to that required in Hong Kong or under International Standards on Auditing or China Auditing Standards.

    • 31.44

      The report of the auditors must be annexed to all copies of the annual accounts required to be sent by the issuer and indicate whether in the opinion of the auditors the accounts give a true and fair view:

      (1) in the case of the issuer's balance sheet, of the state of its affairs at the end of the financial year and in the case of the issuer's profit and loss account, of the profit or loss and cash flows for the financial year; and
      (2) in the case where consolidated accounts are prepared, of the state of affairs and profit or loss of the issuer and cash flows of the group.

    • 31.45

      The report of the auditors must indicate the act, ordinance or other legislation in accordance with which the annual accounts have been drawn up and the authority or body whose auditing standards have been applied.

    • 31.46

      If an overseas issuer is not required to draw up its accounts so as to give a true and fair view but is required to draw them up to an equivalent standard, the Exchange may allow its accounts to be drawn up to that standard. Reference must, however, be made to the Exchange.

    • 31.47

      An auditors' report in a different form may be applicable in the case of banking and insurance companies. The wording of such an auditors' report should make it clear whether or not profits have been stated before transfers to or from undisclosed reserves.