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  • Listing documents

    • 32.04

      The Exchange may be prepared to permit the omission of information otherwise required to be included in any listing document where it considers it appropriate. In considering requests for any such omissions, the Exchange will have regard to:—

      (1) whether the overseas issuer has a listing on a regulated, regularly operating, open stock market recognised for this purpose by the Exchange and conducts its business and makes disclosure according to the accepted standards in Hong Kong; and
      (2) the nature and extent of the regulatory standards and controls to which the overseas issuer is subject in its country of incorporation or other establishment. Overseas issuers who want to omit any of the prescribed information should therefore consult the Exchange at the earliest possible opportunity.

    • 32.05

      The following modifications apply:—
      (1)    some of the items of information specified in Part C of Appendix 1 may be inappropriate. In such a case, the item should be appropriately adapted so that equivalent information is given;
      (2)    if the overseas issuer does not have a board of directors the statement of responsibility required under paragraph 2 of Part C of Appendix 1 must be made by all the members of the overseas issuer's equivalent governing body and the listing document should be modified appropriately;
      (3)    the documents to be published on the Exchange’s website and the issuer’s own website will be the documents corresponding to those mentioned in paragraph 53 of Part C of Appendix 1. Where any of such documents are not in the English or Chinese language, a certified English or Chinese translation thereof must be published on the Exchange’s website and the issuer’s own website. In particular cases, the Exchange may require additional documents to be published on the Exchange’s website and the issuer’s own website; and
      (4)    overseas issuers which are subject to public reporting and filing obligations in their country of incorporation or other establishment (or listing, if different) may be permitted to incorporate in listing documents relevant documents so published. Such documents must be accompanied, as necessary, by a certified English translation and a certified Chinese translation. The Exchange should be consulted in any such case.