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  • Application procedure and requirements (35.04-35.08)

    • 35.04

      The application for listing must cover the maximum amount of securities which may be in issue and listed at any one time under the programme. If the Exchange approves the application, it will admit to listing all securities which may be issued under the programme within 12 months after the publication of the listing document subject to the Exchange:—

      (1) being advised of the final terms of each issue;
      (2) receiving and approving for publication any supplementary listing document that may be appropriate;
      (3) receiving confirmation that the securities in question have been issued; and
      (4) receiving any listing fees payable.

    • 35.05

      The final terms of each issue which is intended to be listed ("the pricing supplement") must be submitted in writing to the Exchange as soon as possible after they have been agreed and in any event no later than 2:00 p.m. on the business day before listing is required to become effective. The pricing supplement may be submitted by the issuer, or one or more firms designated by the issuer so long as in the latter case the Exchange has received a letter of appointment signed by a duly authorised officer of the issuer.

    • 35.06

      The pricing supplement relating to an issue, when read together with the listing document and any supplementary listing document in respect of the programme, must provide an investor with the full terms and conditions of that issue.

    • 35.07

      An application in the form set out in Appendix 5C need not be submitted for issues made after the first issue in any 12 month period after publication of the listing document.

    • 35.08

      For an issue in excess of the notified maximum or made more than 12 months after publication of the listing document, a further application (and new listing document) must be submitted to the Exchange.