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  • Restrictions on Preferential Treatment of Purchase and Subscription Applications

    • 10.01

      Normally no more than ten per cent. of any securities being marketed for which listing is sought may be offered to employees or past employees of the issuer or its subsidiaries or associated companies and their respective dependants or any trust, provident fund or pension scheme for the benefit of such persons on a preferential basis (including selection under a placing in accordance with the placing guidelines set out in Appendix 6). Any preferential treatment must be approved by the Exchange prior to the marketing and the issuer concerned may be called upon to supply particulars of such employees, past-employees and their respective dependants and the objects, beneficiaries or members of any trust, provident fund or pension scheme as well as the results of subscription by employees, past-employees, their respective dependants and any trust, provident fund or pension scheme for the benefit of such persons. The issuer must maintain records of such particulars for a period of not less than 12 months from the date of approval and make the same available for inspection by the Exchange during the said period.

    • 10.02

      The applications for securities offered under any preferential treatment scheme must be made on separate forms supplied by the issuer for this purpose in order to distinguish them from other applications.