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  • Compliance officer

    • 5.19

      Every issuer must ensure that, at all times, one of its executive directors assumes responsibility for acting as the issuer's compliance officer.

      Note: This rule and rule 5.23 do not apply to an issuer of debt securities, the equity securities of which are not listed on GEM.

    • 5.20

      The compliance officer's responsibilities must include, as a minimum, the following matters:—

      (1) advising on and assisting the board of directors of the issuer in implementing procedures to ensure that the issuer complies with the GEM Listing Rules and other relevant laws and regulations applicable to the issuer; and
      (2) responding promptly and efficiently to all enquiries directed at him by the Exchange.

    • 5.21

      A person appointed as the compliance officer should only terminate his appointment after first notifying the Exchange of such proposed termination and the reasons therefor; and except in exceptional circumstances the issuer should not terminate the appointment of any person as the compliance officer until it has appointed a replacement. Where a person's appointment as the compliance officer is terminated, both the issuer and the individual concerned should immediately notify the Exchange of such termination, in each case stating the reason why such appointment was terminated.

    • 5.22

      If the Exchange is not satisfied that any person appointed as the compliance officer is fulfilling his responsibilities adequately, it may require the issuer to terminate his appointment as compliance officer and appoint or designate a replacement.

    • 5.23

      If, at any time, the issuer fails to appoint or does not have a compliance officer, the issuer must immediately announce this matter in accordance with the publication requirements set out in Chapter 16, failing which the Exchange reserves the right to announce the same.