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  • Material matters which impact on profit forecasts (13.24B)

    • 13.24B

      (1) If, during the profit forecast period, an event occurs which, had it been known when the profit forecast was made, would have caused any of the assumptions upon which the forecast is based to have been materially different, the issuer must promptly announce the event. In the announcement, the issuer must also indicate its view of the likely impact of that event on the profit forecast al made.
      (a) If profit or loss generated by some activity outside the issuer's ordinary and usual course of business which was not disclosed as anticipated in the document containing the profit forecast, materially contributes to or reduces the profits for the period to which the profit forecast relates, the issuer must announce this information, including an indication of the level to which the unusual activity has contributed to or reduced the profit.
      (b) The issuer must announce the information under rule 13.24B(2)(a) as soon as it becomes aware that it is likely that the contribution to or reduction in the profits made or to be made by the profit or loss generated or to be generated will be material.