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  • Authorised representatives

    • 5.24

      Every issuer must ensure that, at all times, it has 2 authorised representatives. The authorised representatives must be 2 individuals from amongst the issuer's executive directors and company secretary (unless the Exchange, in exceptional circumstances, agrees otherwise).

    • 5.25

      The responsibilities of an authorised representative are:—

      (1) supplying the Exchange with details in writing of how to contact him including home, office, mobile and other telephone numbers, email address and correspondence address (if the authorised representative is not based at the registered office), facsimile numbers if available, and any other contact details prescribed by the Exchange from time to time;
      (2) for so long as the issuer continues to have a Sponsor or Compliance Adviser, assisting the Sponsor or Compliance Adviser in their roles as set out in the GEM Listing Rules, in particular the Sponsor's role as the principal channel of communication with the Exchange concerning the affairs of the issuer;

      1 In this regard, the authorised representatives shall provide the Sponsor with the information necessary to enable the Sponsor to fulfil its duty of communicating on the issuer's behalf with the Exchange and ensure the issuer meets its obligations to the Sponsor and Compliance Adviser as set out in Chapter 6A.
      2 In the event that the Exchange, for whatever reason, is unable to contact or liaise with the Sponsor concerning any particular matter relevant to the issuer, the authorised representatives will be expected to assume full responsibility for contacting or responding to the Exchange concerning that matter.
      (3) from such time as the issuer is no longer required to have (or does not otherwise retain) a Sponsor, acting as the principal channel of communication between the Exchange and the listed issuer (in particular, as regards any communication required prior to commencement of trading in the morning); and
      (4) ensuring that whenever he is away, a suitable alternate is appointed (and authorised to speak on behalf of the issuer), available and known to the Exchange and supplying the Exchange with details in writing of how such alternate may be contacted including home, office and mobile telephone numbers and, where available, facsimile numbers and electronic mail addresses.

      Note: If the authorised representatives and, or their alternates are based outside Hong Kong (or are otherwise expected to be frequently outside Hong Kong), they must ensure that they can be readily contactable by the Exchange on the contact details provided to the Exchange under this rule.

    • 5.26

      A person appointed as an authorised representative should only terminate his appointment after first notifying the Exchange of such proposed termination and the reasons therefor; and except in exceptional circumstances, the issuer should not terminate the appointment of the authorised representative until it has appointed a replacement. Where a person's appointment as an authorised representative is terminated, both the issuer and the individual concerned should immediately notify the Exchange of such termination in each case stating the reason why such appointment was terminated.

    • 5.27

      If the Exchange is not satisfied that any person appointed as an authorised representative is fulfilling his responsibilities adequately, it may require the issuer to terminate his appointment and appoint or designate a replacement.