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  • Audit committee

    • 5.28

      Every issuer must establish an audit committee comprising non-executive directors only. The audit committee must comprise a minimum of 3 members, at least one of whom is an independent non-executive director with appropriate professional qualifications or accounting or related financial management expertise as required in rule 5.05(2). The majority of the audit committee members must be independent non-executive directors of the issuer. The audit committee must be chaired by an independent non-executive director.
      1.    This rule and rules 5.29 to 5.33 do not apply to an issuer of debt securities, the equity securities of which are not listed on GEM.
        2. [Repealed 1 October 2020]
        3. For further guidance on establishing an audit committee, listed issuers may refer to "A Guide for Effective Audit Committees" published by the Hong Kong Institute of certified Public Accountants (formerly known as the Hong Kong Society of Accountants) in February 2002. Issuers may adopt the terms of reference set out in that guide, or they may adopt any other comparable terms of reference for the establishment of an audit committee.
        4. Please also see the note to rule 5.05(2).

    • 5.29

      The board of directors of the issuer must approve and provide written terms of reference for the audit committee which clearly establish the committee's authority and duties.

    • 5.30 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2005]

    • 5.31 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2005]

    • 5.32 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2005]

    • 5.33

      An issuer shall, pursuant rule 17.51(2), immediately inform the Exchange and publish an announcement containing the relevant details and reasons if the issuer fails to set up an audit committee or at any time has failed to meet any of the other requirements set out in rule 5.28 regarding the audit committee. Issuers shall set up an audit committee and/or appoint appropriate members to the audit committee to meet the requirement(s) within 3 months after failing to meet such requirement(s).