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  • Cash companies

    • 14.82

      Where for any reason (including immediately after completion of a notifiable transaction or connected transaction) the assets of a listed issuer (other than an "investment company" as defined in Chapter 21 of the Listing Rules) consist wholly or substantially of cash and/or short-term investments, it will not be regarded as suitable for listing and trading in its securities will be suspended.


      1. Rule 14.82 is intended to apply to issuers that hold a very high level of cash and short-term investments. In assessing whether an issuer is a cash company, the Exchange will apply a principle based approach and normally take into account the value of the issuer’s cash and short-term investments relative to its total assets, its level of operations and financial position, and the nature of the issuer’s business and its cash needs in the ordinary and usual course of business.
      2. Short-term investments include securities that are held by the issuer for investment or trading purposes and are readily realisable or convertible into cash. Examples of short-term investments include (a) bonds, bills or notes which have less than one year to maturity; (b) listed securities (whether on the Exchange or otherwise) that are held for investment or trading purposes; and (c) investments in other financial instruments that are readily realisable or convertible into cash.

    • 14.83

      Cash and short-term investments held by a member of an issuer’s group that is a banking company (as defined in rule 14A.88), an insurance company or a securities house will normally not be taken into account when applying rule 14.82.

      Note: This exemption will not apply to an issuer that operates a securities house where the Exchange has concerns that the issuer is holding cash and short-term investments through a member to circumvent rule 14.82. For example, an issuer holding excessive cash and/or securities investments cannot circumvent the rule by holding such assets through a member that is a licensed broker with minimal brokerage operations. The Exchange will apply a principle based approach and consider, among others, the cash and/or short-term investments in light of the member’s operating model and its cash needs for the purpose of its regulated activities, which should be substantiated by its historical track record.

    • 14.84

      The listed issuer may apply to the Exchange to lift the suspension once it has a business suitable for listing. The Exchange will treat its application for lifting of the suspension as if it were an application for listing from a new applicant. The listed issuer will be required, among other things, to issue a listing document containing the specific information required by Appendix 1 Part A, and pay the non-refundable initial listing fee. The Exchange reserves the right to cancel the listing if such suspension continues for more than 12 months or in any other case where it considers it necessary. It is therefore advisable to consult the Exchange at the earliest possible opportunity in each case.