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  • Preliminary

    • 15A.01

      This Chapter sets out the requirements for the listing of structured products on the Exchange. These products may be listed by the methods, where applicable, set out in Chapter 7. Issuers of structured products are required to provide liquidity for those products. As a consequence, at the time of listing there is no requirement for there to be an adequate spread of holders of the structured product.

    • 15A.02

      The provisions of this Chapter are not exhaustive. Compliance with the relevant conditions may not of itself ensure the suitability of an issuer, a guarantor, the securities or assets underlying a structured product or of a structured product issue and the Exchange retains an absolute discretion to accept or reject applications for listing. The Exchange may, whenever it considers it appropriate, impose additional requirements, make listing subject to special conditions or allow waivers from or modifications to the requirements of this Chapter.

    • 15A.03

      Prospective issuers should consult the Exchange at the earliest opportunity to seek confidential guidance as to their suitability and the suitability of a guarantor. Approved issuers should consult the Exchange at the earliest opportunity as to the suitability for listing of a proposed structured product.

    • 15A.04

      The Listing Committee has delegated to the Executive Director — Listing the power to approve an application for listing of an issue of structured products where the issuer (and, in the case of guaranteed issues, the guarantor) has been approved by the Listing Committee. The Executive Director — Listing may delegate this power within the Listing Division.