Entire Section

  • Documents of Title and Admission into CCASS

    • 15A.77

      Subject to rule 15A.81, structured products may be represented by global or definitive documents of title, which may be in bearer or registered form. Equity Linked Instruments shall be represented by a global document of title, in registered form.

    • 15A.78

      Subject to rule 15A.79 and rule 15A.81, structured products must be Eligible Securities from the date on which dealings in them are to commence.

    • 15A.79

      An issuer shall ensure that all necessary arrangements are made in order to comply with rule 15A.78 above. The Exchange may, in its absolute discretion, waive compliance with this rule.

    • 15A.80

      An issuer shall ensure, so far as it is able, that its structured products remain Eligible Securities.

    • 15A.81

      Alternative forms of documents of title and alternative settlement arrangements may be used by agreement with the Exchange. The Exchange should be consulted at the earliest opportunity if alternative forms of documents of title or alternative arrangements are proposed.