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  • Chapter 8 — Qualifications for Listing

    • 19A.13

      The following modifications and additional requirements apply:—

      (1) the Exchange reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse a listing of securities of a PRC issuer if it believes that it is not in the public interest to list them;
      (2) the PRC issuer must appoint, and maintain throughout the period its securities are listed on the Exchange the appointment of, a person authorised to accept service of process and notices on its behalf in Hong Kong, and must notify the Exchange of his appointment and any termination of his appointment and details of:—
      (a) his address for service of process and notices;
      (b) if different, his place of business or, if he does not maintain a place of business, his residential address;
      (c) his business or residential telephone number, as the case may be;
      (d) his email address and facsimile number (if available); and
      (e) any change in the above particulars;
      Note: The person appointed under this rule may also be the person authorised to accept service required to be appointed under Part 16 of the Companies Ordinance, if applicable.
      (a) in the case of registered securities (other than those transferable by endorsement and delivery), provision must be made for a register of holders to be maintained in Hong Kong, or such other place as the Exchange may agree, and for transfers to be registered locally. The Exchange may, however, consider an alternative proposal for registering transfers for Hong Kong holders in exceptional circumstances; and
      (b) in the case of bearer securities, provision must be made for the payment of dividends or interest and repayment of capital in Hong Kong, or such other place as the Exchange may agree;
      (4) unless the Exchange otherwise agrees, only securities registered on the Hong Kong register may be traded on the Exchange;
      (5) where two or more share registers are maintained it will not be necessary for the Hong Kong register to contain particulars of the shares registered on any other register; and

    • 19A.14

      Under rule 8.10, the Exchange requires a new applicant to make disclosure where it has a controlling shareholder or a director with an interest in a business apart from the new applicant's business which competes or is likely to compete, either directly or indirectly, with the new applicant's business. In this connection, in the case of a new applicant which is a PRC issuer, "controlling shareholder" means any shareholder or other person or group of persons together entitled to exercise, or control the exercise of 30% (or such other amount as may from time to time be specified in applicable PRC law as being the level for triggering a mandatory general offer or for otherwise establishing legal or management control over a business enterprise) or more of the voting power at general meetings of the new applicant or who is in a position to control the composition of a majority of the board of directors of the new applicant. For the purposes of this rule, the Exchange will normally not consider a PRC Governmental Body (see definition in rule 19A.04) as a "controlling shareholder" of a PRC issuer.

    • 19A.15

      The requirement in rule 8.12 for sufficient management presence in Hong Kong, including that normally at least two of the new applicant's executive directors must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, shall apply except as otherwise permitted by the Exchange in its discretion. Where the new applicant wants to apply for a waiver from the requirement of rule 8.12, it must make a written submission for the Exchange's consideration. In exercising such discretion the Exchange will have regard to, among other considerations, the new applicant's arrangements for maintaining regular communication with the Exchange, including but not limited to compliance by the new applicant with rules 19A.05 to 19A.07.

    • 19A.16 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2012]

    • 19A.17

      Rules 8.19(1) and 8.20 do not apply to domestic shares or foreign shares other than H shares of a PRC issuer.

    • 19A.18

      (1) In addition to the requirements of Chapter 3, the independent non-executive directors of a PRC issuer must also be able to demonstrate an acceptable standard of competence and adequate commercial or professional experience to ensure that the interests of the general body of shareholders will be adequately represented. Moreover, at least one of the independent non-executive directors must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong.
      (2) Supervisors of a PRC issuer must have the character, experience and integrity and be able to demonstrate a standard of competence commensurate with their position as supervisors. The Exchange may request further information regarding the background, experience, other business interests or character of any supervisor or proposed supervisor.

    • 19A.19

      In addition to the requirement of rule 19A.14, the Exchange may from time to time determine that certain persons or entities should be treated as connected persons of a PRC issuer for purposes of the connected transaction provisions of Chapter 14A.