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  • Sponsor's role

    • 6A.11

      A Sponsor must:

      (1) be closely involved in the preparation of the new applicant's listing documents;
      (2) conduct reasonable due diligence inquiries to put itself in a position to be able to make the declaration in rule 6A.13 and Appendix 7G;
      (3) ensure the requirements in rules 12.07, 12.09, 12.10 and 12.12 to 12.15 are complied with;
      (4) use reasonable endeavours to address all matters raised by the Exchange in connection with the listing application including providing to the Exchange, in a timely manner, such information as the Exchange may reasonably require for the purpose of verifying whether the GEM Listing Rules are being or have been complied with by the Sponsor, the new applicant and the new applicant's directors;
      (5) accompany the new applicant to any meetings with the Exchange unless otherwise requested by the Exchange, and attend any other meetings and participate in any other discussions with the Exchange as requested by the Exchange; and
      (6) comply with the terms of the undertaking and statement of independence given to the Exchange by the Sponsor under rule 6A.03 and Appendix 7K.

    • 6A.12

      In determining the reasonable due diligence inquiries a Sponsor must make for the purposes of rule 6A.11(2), a Sponsor must have regard to the due diligence practice note at Practice Note 2 and the SFC Sponsor Provisions.