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  • Issuer

    • 19B.11

      An issuer must be duly incorporated or otherwise validly established under the laws of the place in which it is incorporated or established, and it must operate in conformity with those laws and its memorandum and articles of association or equivalent constitutional documents.

    • 19B.12

      An issuer must obtain all necessary statutory or other consents in relation to the listing of depositary receipts from the relevant authorities in the place of its incorporation or establishment prior to the listing of depositary receipts.

    • 19B.13

      The issuer is not required to keep a register in Hong Kong of holders of the shares represented by depositary receipts. However, the issuer must ensure that the depositary maintains through an approved Hong Kong share registrar a register of holders of the depositary receipts and the transfers of the depositary receipts in Hong Kong. Only the depositary receipts registered on the Hong Kong register may be traded on the Exchange.