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  • General

    • 21.01

      The Exchange Listing Rules apply as much to issues of equity securities or debt securities by investment companies as they do to issues of such securities by other companies. However, notwithstanding that the normal requirements for listing are not met, applications for listing of securities issued by investment companies, unit trusts, mutual funds or any other collective investment scheme not falling within the requirements of Chapter 20, (in this Chapter all referred to as "investment companies") will be considered under this Chapter.

    • 21.02

      Applications under this Chapter will be considered in respect of both existing and newly formed investment companies investing in securities, listed or unlisted, including warrants, money market instruments, bank deposits, currency investments, commodities, options, futures contracts and precious metals and investment companies investing in other collective investment schemes. Investments may also take the form of partnership arrangements, participations, joint ventures and other forms of non-corporate investment.

    • 21.03

      New applicants are reminded (see Chapter 3A, in particular rule 3A.02) that they must be sponsored by a sponsor who is responsible for preparing the new applicant for listing, for lodging the formal application for listing and all supporting documents with the Exchange and for dealing with the Exchange on all matters arising in connection with the application. The sponsor of an investment company need not be independent of the management company or the investment adviser, if any.