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  • Appointment of a Compliance Adviser

    • 6A.19

      A listed issuer must appoint a Compliance Adviser for the period commencing on the date of initial listing of the listed issuer's equity securities and ending on the date on which the listed issuer complies with rule 18.03 in respect of its financial results for the second full financial year commencing after the date of its initial listing.

    • 6A.20

      At any time after the Fixed Period, the Exchange may direct a listed issuer to appoint a Compliance Adviser for such period and to undertake such role as may be specified by the Exchange. In the event of such an appointment the Exchange will specify the circumstances in which the listed issuer must consult the Compliance Adviser and the responsibilities the Compliance Adviser must discharge. The Compliance Adviser must discharge those responsibilities with due care and skill. For the purpose of this rule, a listed issuer may appoint a different Compliance Adviser to that it appointed under rule 6A.19.

      Note: The Exchange will normally consider directing the appointment of a Compliance Adviser when a listed issuer has been held to have breached the GEM Listing Rules, particularly when the breaches are persistent or serious or give rise to concerns about the adequacy of compliance arrangements or the directors' understanding of, and their obligations to comply with the GEM Listing Rules. It is also open to the Exchange to direct the appointment in other appropriate circumstances. It is the responsibility of the listed issuer to pay the reasonable fees of the Compliance Adviser.