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  • Options, Warrants and Similar Rights

    • 37.22

      This section sets out additional requirements that apply to options, warrants or similar rights.

    • 37.23

      The securities underlying the options, warrants or similar rights must be:
      (a)    debt securities that are listed or to be listed on the Exchange;
      (b)    debt securities listed or to be listed on another stock exchange; or
      (c)    other debt security that the Exchange has agreed in writing is acceptable.

    • 37.24

      If the underlying debt securities have not yet been issued:
      (a)    their issuance must have been validly authorised; and
      (b)    any listing of them must have been validly approved.

    • 37.25

      If options, warrants or similar rights are convertible into debt securities, the terms of the issue must provide for appropriate adjustments to the conversion terms if there is a change in those debt securities.