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  • Statement of adjustments

    • 7.18

      In preparing the accountants' report, the reporting accountants must make such adjustments (if any) as are in their opinion appropriate for the purposes of the accountants' report and state therein that all adjustments considered necessary have been made, or (where appropriate) that no adjustments were considered necessary. Where adjustments are made, a written statement (the statement of adjustments) is required to be published on the Exchange’s website and the issuer’s own website, and must be signed by the reporting accountants (see paragraph 52 of Part A and paragraph 42 of Part B of Appendix 1).

      Note: Where a listing applicant is seeking a simultaneously listing and is precluded by the regulation in that jurisdiction from making adjustments as envisaged by rule 7.18, additional information should be provided to show details of the adjustments (if any) and the effect of such on the results and net assets and liabilities as if such adjustments would have been made for purpose of the accountants' report prepared on the basis in accordance with the Hong Kong Standard on Investment Circular Reporting Engagements 200 – Accountants’ Reports on Historical Financial Information in Investment Circulars (HKSIR 200) issued by the Hong Kong Institute of certified Public Accountants.

    • 7.19

      The statement of adjustments must set out, for each of the years reported upon, each adjustment made and be sufficiently detailed so as to reconcile the figures in the accountants' report with the corresponding figures in the audited financial statements and must give the reasons therefor.

    • 7.20

      Where an accountants' report is set out in a listing document the statement of adjustments relating to that report must be submitted to the Exchange in the draft form prescribed in rules 12.22(3), 12.26B(2) and 28.13(7) and in certified form in accordance with rules 12.23A(2) and 28.14(3). In every other case, the statement of adjustments must be submitted to the Exchange at the same time as the proofs of the circular containing the accountants' report are submitted.