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  • Exceptional circumstances (5.67)

    • 5.67

      If a director proposes to sell or otherwise dispose of securities of the issuer under exceptional circumstances where the sale or disposal is otherwise prohibited under the required standard of dealings, the director must, in addition to complying with the other provisions of the required standard of dealings, comply with rule 5.61 regarding prior written notice and acknowledgement. The director must satisfy the chairman or the designated director that the circumstances are exceptional and the proposed sale or disposal is the only reasonable course of action available to the director before the director can sell or dispose of the securities. The issuer shall give written notice of such sale or disposal to the Exchange as soon as practicable stating why it considered the circumstances to be exceptional. The issuer shall publish an announcement immediately after any such sale or disposal and state that the chairman or the designated director is satisfied that there were exceptional circumstances for such sale or disposal of securities by the director. An example of the type of circumstances which may be considered exceptional for such purposes would be a pressing financial commitment on the part of the director that cannot otherwise be satisfied.