Entire Section

  • Specific provisions with respect to PRC properties (8.12-8.17)

    • 8.12

      The valuation report of property located in the PRC must clearly state the nature of the interest being valued. The report must also specify any material conditions or information regarding title and other relevant matters contained in the legal opinion relating to the property.

      Note: In particular, the valuation report must clearly state whether the valuation is of a vested legal title or of a right to acquire a vested legal title to the relevant property or, for example, only right to occupy the property for a fixed period or to enjoy rent or other income arising from the property.

    • 8.13

      With respect to PRC properties:—

      (1) a long-term title certificate will be treated as the operative equivalent to the Hong Kong legal concept of vested title to the relevant property. The new applicant or listed issuer should confirm, with the benefit of a PRC legal opinion from a firm authorised by an appropriate authority in the PRC to advise in relation to listed companies, whether a long-term title certificate has been obtained by the relevant party in respect of the relevant property. The Exchange may require production of the title certificate and may require that it be made available for inspection; or

      Note: For the purposes of this rule and the other relevant provisions of this Chapter, the Exchange has a discretion to decide on whether or not any title certificate constitutes a "long term" title certificate under this rule.
      (2) in respect of a grant of land by a government land administration bureau in the PRC or with respect to a transfer of land use rights where the issue of a title certificate is pending, a properly approved land grant or land transfer contract in writing accompanied by a PRC legal opinion (as described in sub-paragraph (1) above) as to the validity of the approval may, in the case only of a listed issuer, be acceptable as evidence of a transferee's pending title to the land to be granted or transferred. The Exchange may require production of the approved contract and may require that it be made available for inspection.

    • 8.14

      Where property located in the PRC is held or being acquired for development and where the residual method is used as the primary basis for the valuation (see rule 8.24), the relevant party should obtain an acceptable PRC legal opinion (as described in rule 8.13(1)) which describes all consents, permits and regulations which need to be obtained or satisfied in respect of the development, or proposed development upon which any valuation is based. Such opinion should confirm whether and to what extent consent has been obtained for the proposed development and all such information should be included in the valuation report and in the relevant document.

    • 8.15

      In respect of PRC properties where long-term title certificates are not obtained by a new applicant or a listed issuer, any property revaluation surplus arising from those PRC properties must be excluded from all annual reports, accounts and other financial statements of the issuer and from the net tangible asset statement in any listing document or circular of the issuer.

    • 8.16

      Where the consideration for the grant of any long-term title certificate involves any obligation on the issuer to resettle or pay compensation to any occupier or former occupier of property forming the subject of the certificate or to any other persons or any obligation to construct or pay the costs of construction of public facilities, the valuation report must disclose details of any such obligation, to the extent that the same remains outstanding, and indicate, where relevant, its effect on the value of and title to the property.

      Note: If there is an outstanding obligation on the part of the issuer to transfer part of any property under development to the original occupier or other persons free of any payment, this matter must be disclosed and the valuer should confirm whether, in arriving at the value of the property, he has taken the same into account.

    • 8.17

      Except for companies with infrastructure projects accepted by the Exchange under rule 11.14(1) or otherwise, where the new applicant has interests in a joint venture company whose income stream is derived from a PRC property but the long-term title certificate for such property is not obtained by the joint venture company, no business valuation on the applicant's interests in the joint venture company may be included in the listing document.