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  • General (13.03-13.06)

    • 13.03

      Subject to the provisions of the Code on Share Buy-backs, an issuer may purchase shares on GEM or on another stock exchange recognised for this purpose by the Commission and the Exchange. All such purchases must be made in accordance with the provisions of rules 13.04 to 13.14. The Code on Share Buy-backs must be complied with by an issuer and its directors and any breach thereof by an issuer will be a deemed breach of the issuer's undertaking to comply with its continuing obligations under the GEM Listing Rules and the Exchange may in its absolute discretion take such action to penalise any breach of this rule as it shall think appropriate. It is for the issuer to satisfy itself that a proposed purchase of shares does not contravene the Code on Share Buy-backs.

    • 13.04

      The Exchange reserves the right to prohibit an issuer from making purchases of shares on GEM if the Exchange considers that the issuer has committed a breach of any of the GEM Listing Rules which apply to that issuer. In the event that the Exchange does so prohibit such purchases no Exchange Participant will carry out any such purchases on behalf of the issuer until such prohibition is lifted.

    • 13.05

      The Sponsor and/or the authorised representatives of the issuer shall respond promptly to any request for information that the Exchange may address to the issuer concerning the purchase of shares, at any time.

    • 13.06

      For the purposes of rules 13.03 to 13.14 "shares" shall mean shares of all classes and securities which carry a right to subscribe or purchase shares, of the issuer provided that the Exchange may waive the requirements of those rules in respect of any fixed participation shares which are, in the opinion of the Exchange, more analogous to debt securities than equity securities. References to purchases of shares include purchases by agents or nominees on behalf of the issuer or subsidiary of the issuer, as the case may be.