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    • A.1.1

      The board should establish the issuer’s purpose, values and strategy, and satisfy itself that these and the issuer’s culture are aligned. All directors must act with integrity, lead by example, and promote the desired culture. Such culture should instil and continually reinforce across the organisation values of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly.

    • A.1.2

      The directors should include a discussion and analysis of the group’s performance in the annual report, an explanation of the basis on which the issuer generates or preserves value over the longer term (the business model) and the strategy for delivering the issuer’s objectives.

      Note:    An issuer should have a corporate strategy and a long term business model. Long term financial performance as opposed to short term rewards should be a corporate governance objective. An issuer’s board should not take undue risks to make short term gains at the expense of long term objectives.