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  • D.1 Financial reporting

    • Principle

      The board should present a balanced, clear and comprehensible assessment of the company’s performance, position and prospects.

    • Code Provisions

      • D.1.1

        Management should provide sufficient explanation and information to the board to enable it to make an informed assessment of financial and other information put before it for approval.

      • D.1.2

        Management should provide all members of the board with monthly updates giving a balanced and understandable assessment of the issuer’s performance, position and prospects in sufficient detail to enable the board as a whole and each director to discharge their duties under rule 5.01 and Chapter 17.

        Note:  The information provided may include background or explanatory information relating to matters to be brought before the board, copies of disclosure documents, budgets, forecasts and monthly and other relevant internal financial statements such as monthly management accounts and management updates. For budgets, any material variance between the projections and actual results should also be disclosed and explained.


      • D.1.3

        The directors should acknowledge in the Corporate Governance Report their responsibility for preparing the accounts. There should be a statement by the auditors about their reporting responsibilities in the auditors’ report on the financial statements. Unless it is inappropriate to assume that the company will continue in business, the directors should prepare the accounts on a going concern basis, with supporting assumptions or qualifications as necessary. Where the directors are aware of material uncertainties relating to events or conditions that may cast significant doubt on the issuer’s ability to continue as a going concern, they should be clearly and prominently disclosed and discussed at length in the Corporate Governance Report. The Corporate Governance Report should contain sufficient information for investors to understand the severity and significance of matters. To a reasonable and appropriate extent, the issuer may refer to other parts of the annual report. These references should be clear and unambiguous, and the Corporate Governance Report should not contain only a cross-reference without any discussion of the matter.

      • D.1.4

        The board should present a balanced, clear and understandable assessment in annual and interim reports and other financial disclosures required by the GEM Listing Rules. It should also do so for reports to regulators and information disclosed under statutory requirements.