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  • F.1 Effective communication

    • Principle

      The board should be responsible for maintaining an on-going dialogue with shareholders and in particular, use annual general meetings or other general meetings to communicate with them and encourage their participation.

    • Code Provisions

      • F.1.1

        The issuer should have a policy on payment of dividends and should disclose it in the annual report.

    • Recommended Best Practices

      • F.1.2

        Issuers are encouraged to include the following information in their Corporate Governance Report:
        (a)    details of shareholders by type and aggregate shareholding;
        (b)    indication of important shareholders’ dates in the coming financial year;
        (c)    the percentage of public float, based on information that is publicly available to the issuer and within the knowledge of its directors as at the latest practicable date prior to the issue of the annual report; and
        (d)    the number of shares held by each of the senior management.