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    • C.6.1

      The company secretary should be an employee of the issuer and have day-to-day knowledge of the issuer’s affairs. Where an issuer engages an external service provider as its company secretary, it should disclose the identity of a person with sufficient seniority (e.g. chief legal counsel or chief financial officer) at the issuer whom the external provider can contact.

    • C.6.2

      The board should approve the selection, appointment or dismissal of the company secretary.

      Note:    A board meeting should be held to discuss the appointment and dismissal of the company secretary and the matter should be dealt with by a physical board meeting rather than a written resolution.

    • C.6.3

      The company secretary should report to the board chairman and/or the chief executive.

    • C.6.4

      All directors should have access to the advice and services of the company secretary to ensure that board procedures, and all applicable law, rules and regulations, are followed.