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    The disclosures set out in the following paragraphs on corporate governance matters are provided for issuers' reference. They are not intended to be exhaustive or mandatory. They are intended to show the areas which issuers may comment on in their Corporate Governance Report. The level of detail needed varies with the nature and complexity of issuers' business activities. Issuers are encouraged to include the following information in their Corporate Governance Report:


      The number of shares held by senior management (i.e. those individuals whose biographical details are disclosed in the annual report).


      (a) Details of shareholders by type and aggregate shareholding;
      (b) details of the last shareholders' meeting, including the time and venue, major items discussed and voting particulars;
      (c) indication of important shareholders' dates in the coming financial year; and
      (d) public float capitalisation at the year end.


      The division of responsibility between the board and management.

      Note: Issuers may consider that some of the information recommended under paragraphs R to T is too lengthy and detailed to be included in the Corporate Governance Report. As an alternative to full disclosure in the Corporate Governance Report, issuers may choose to include some or all of this information:

      (a) on its website and highlight to investors where they can:
      (i) access the soft copy by giving a hyperlink direct to the relevant webpage; and/ or
      (ii) collect a hard copy of the relevant information free of charge; or
      (b) where the information is publicly available, by stating where the information can be found. Any hyperlink should be direct to the relevant webpage.