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  • Placing

    • 10.11

      A placing is the obtaining of subscriptions for or the sale of securities by an issuer or intermediary primarily from or to persons selected or approved by the issuer or intermediary.

    • 10.11A

      A listing by a new applicant must include an offering to the public of not less than 10% of all securities offered.

    • 10.12

      A placing by or on behalf of a new applicant or by or on behalf of a listed issuer of securities of a class new to listing must be supported by a listing document which must comply with the relevant requirements of Chapter 14 and such a placing must comply with the following specific requirements:—

      (1) [Repealed 15 February 2018]
      (1A) No allocations to the following persons will be permitted without the prior written consent of the Exchange:
      (a) "connected clients" of the lead broker or of any distributors as defined in Note 2 of rule 10.12(4);
      ((b) directors or existing shareholders of the new applicant or the listed issuer, as the case may be, or their close associates, whether in their own names or through nominees unless the condition in rule 13.02(1) is fulfilled; or
      (c) nominee companies unless the name of the ultimate beneficiary of the securities is disclosed.
      (2) Details of the placing must be published in accordance with the requirements of rules 16.07 or 16.08, as applicable, and (as regards the results) in accordance with sub-paragraph (4) below and rule 16.16.
      (3) [Repealed 15 February 2018]
      (4) The announcement of the results of the placing required pursuant to rule 16.16 must include a brief generic description of the placees. If securities have been placed with different groups of placees, then the announcement must contain a description of each group and the number of shares placed with each group, provided that certain types of placee (as specified in Note 1 to this rule) must be identified on an individually-named basis, with the number of shares placed with each named placee also being disclosed. In the case of an initial public offering effected by way of a placing or which included a placing tranche, the announcement must also include information on:—
      (a) the level of interest in the placing;
      (b) a table showing the distribution of the placing shares; and
      (c) an analysis of the distribution, in particular, the concentration of the placing shares, including but not limited to the number of placing shares that are placed with the top 1, 5, 10 and 25 placees. Where, in the view of the Exchange, there is a high concentration of shares being marketed for which listing is sought with a few placees, a statement substantially in the following form:

      "Investors should be aware that the concentration of shareholders may affect the liquidity of the shares of the [issuer]. Consequently, shareholders and potential investors are advised to exercise caution when dealing in such shares."
      1 The purpose of this rule is to enable shareholders and investors to understand the broad composition of the ownership of the placed shares immediately prior to trading in those shares. The groups of placees which the issuer must identify in the announcement, to the extent applicable, include:—
      (a) [Repealed 3 June 2010];
      (b) directors and their close associates (on an individually-named basis);
      (c) substantial shareholders and their close associates (on an individually-named basis);
      (d) in relation only to an initial public offering effected by way of a placing or which included a placing tranche, significant shareholders and their close associates (on an individually-named basis);
      (e) employees;
      (f) the Sponsor and its close associates;
      (g) the lead broker and/or any distributor and any connected clients of either (as defined in Note 2 below);
      (h) customers or clients of the issuer;
      (i) suppliers to the issuer; and
      (j) the underwriters (if any) and their close associates, if different from (f) or (g) above.
      The announcement should, if applicable, give particulars of any duplication between the descriptions of placees and must indicate the number and proportion of shares placed to the public.
      2 For the purposes of sub-paragraph (g) of Note 1 above "connected client" in relation to an Exchange Participant means any client of such Exchange Participant who is:—
      (a) a partner of such Exchange Participant;
      (b) an employee of such Exchange Participant;
      (c) where the Exchange Participant is a company,
      (i) any person who is a substantial shareholder of such Exchange Participant; or
      (ii) a director of such Exchange Participant;
      (d) the spouse or infant child or step child of any individual described in (a) to (c)above;
      (e) a person in his capacity as trustee of a private or family trust (other than a pension scheme) the beneficiaries of which include any person in (a) to (d)above;
      (f) a close relative of any person in (a) to (d) above where his account is managed by such Exchange Participant in pursuance of a discretionary managed portfolio agreement; or
      (g) a company which is a member of the same group of companies as such Exchange Participant.
      (5) Dealings in the securities cannot commence until the Exchange has been supplied with and approved a list setting out the names, addresses and identity card or passport numbers (where individuals) and the names, addresses and business registration numbers (where companies) of all placees, the names and addresses of the beneficial owners of the securities (in the case of nominee companies) and the amounts taken up by each placee. The Exchange reserves the right to require submission of such further information (on an electronic spreadsheet or such other format as it may request) on the placees as it may consider necessary for the purpose of establishing their independence, including without limitation details of beneficial ownership.
      (6) Separate Marketing Statements in the form set out in Appendix 5D signed by each of: (a) the lead broker; (b) any distributor(s); and (c) any Exchange Participant referred to in rules 12.26(6)(a) and 12.27(6)(a), must be lodged with the Exchange before dealings commence.
      (7) The lead broker and each distributor and Exchange Participant referred to in sub-paragraph (6) above must keep a record of their placees for at least 3 years following the placing. This record should contain the information referred to in sub-paragraph (5) above.

    • 10.13

      Placings of securities by a listed issuer will be allowed only in the following circumstances:—

      (1) where the placing falls within any general mandate given to the directors of the listed issuer by the shareholders in accordance with rule 17.41(2); or
      (2) where the placing is specifically authorised by the shareholders of the listed issuer in general meeting ("specific mandate placing").

    • 10.14

      Placings by a listed issuer made in either of the circumstances set out in rule 10.13 are required to comply with the requirements of rule 10.12 (excluding sub-paragraphs (2), (6) and (7) in the case of a placing of securities of a class al listed). Specific mandate placings are also required to comply with rule 10.44A.

    • 10.15

      A placing by or on behalf of a listed issuer of securities of a class al listed does not have to be supported by a listing document but if a prospectus or other listing document is required, it must comply with the relevant requirements of Chapter 14.

    • 10.16

      The Exchange may be prepared to allow preliminary arrangements and placings to be made to dispose of securities before the start of dealings where necessary to comply with the requirements of rule 11.23 that a minimum prescribed percentage of any class of listed securities must at all times remain held by the public.