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  • Definitions and Interpretation

    • 18A.01

      For the purposes of this Chapter unless otherwise stated or the context otherwise requires following terms have the meanings set out below:—

      "Approved Product" a Biotech Product which has been approved for commercialisation by a Competent Authority.
      "Biotech" the application of science and technology to produce commercial products with a medical or other biological application.
      "Biotech Company" A company primarily engaged in the research and development, application and commercialisation of Biotech Products.
      "Biotech Product" Biotech products, processes or technologies
      "Competent Authority" the US Food and Drug Administration, the China Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency.
      The Exchange may, at its discretion, recognise another national or supranational authority as a Competent Authority for the purposes of this Chapter in individual cases (depending on the nature of the Biotech Product).
      "Core Product" A Regulated Product that (alone or together with other Regulated Products) forms the basis of a Biotech Company's listing application under this chapter.
      "Cornerstone Investor" An investor in the initial public offering of a new applicant's shares to whom offer shares are preferentially placed with a guaranteed allocation irrespective of the final offer price, usually for the purpose of signifying that the investor has confidence in the financial condition and future prospects of the new applicant.
      "Regulated Product" A Biotech Product that is required by applicable laws, rules or regulations to be evaluated and approved by a Competent Authority based on data derived from clinical trials (i.e. on human subjects) before it could be marketed and sold in the market regulated by that Competent Authority.