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  • Common Waivers

    • 19C.11B

      The Exchange will consider applications for waivers from strict compliance with rules 2.07C(4)(a), 9.09, 11.06, 13.25B, 13.55(1), 13.71 to 13.73, Practice Note 5, paragraph 15(2)(c) of Appendix 1A, paragraphs 41(4) and 45 of Appendix 1A, paragraphs 34 and 38 of Appendix 1B, paragraphs 41(4) and 45 of Appendix 1E, paragraph 49(2)(c) of Appendix 1E and paragraphs 30 and 34 of Appendix 1F from issuers with, or seeking, a secondary listing under this chapter. The Exchange will consider these applications on individual merit based on all relevant facts and circumstances, including compliance with the prescribed conditions as set out in the relevant rules.

    • 19C.11C

      An overseas issuer may apply for waivers from the requirements of other rules that the Exchange will consider in individual cases, based on the general principles set out in rule 19C.11A.

    • 19C.12 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2022]