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  • Financial advisers appointed in relation to extreme transactions (13.87A - 13.87C )

    • 13.87A

      A financial adviser appointed by a listed issuer under rule 14.53A(2) in relation to an extreme transaction must conduct reasonable due diligence on the assets acquired and/or to be acquired under the extreme transaction to put itself in a position to be able to make the declaration in Appendix 29. The extent of its work and scope of due diligence shall be referenced to Practice Note 21 to the Listing Rules.

    • 13.87B

      The financial adviser must be a person licensed or registered under the SFO for Type 6 regulated activity and permitted under its license or certificate of registration to undertake the work of a sponsor. The financial adviser must submit to the Exchange an undertaking in the prescribed form set out in Appendix 30 to:

      (a) comply with the Listing Rules; and
      (b) co-operate in any investigation conducted by the Listing Division and/or the Listing Committee of the Exchange, including answering promptly and openly any questions addressed to the financial adviser, promptly producing the originals or copies of any relevant documents and attending before any meeting or hearing at which the financial adviser is requested to appear.

    • 13.87C

      The issuer must assist the financial adviser to perform its duties. The requirements under rule 13.81 shall apply mutatis mutandis as if all references to “independent financial adviser” were references to “financial adviser”.