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  • Large scale issue of securities (14.06D)

    • 14.06D

      Where a listed issuer proposes a large scale issue of new securities (including any shares, warrants, options or convertible securities) for cash to acquire and/or develop a new business, which, in the opinion of the Exchange, is a means to circumvent the new listing requirements and to achieve a listing of that new business, the Exchange may refuse to grant listing approval for the shares to be issued.

      Note: This rule is an anti-avoidance provision to prevent circumvention of the new listing requirements. It is intended to apply to a large scale issue of securities for cash proposed by a listed issuer where there is, or which will result in, a change in control or de facto control of the issuer (by reference to the factors set out in Note 1(e) to rule 14.06B), and the proceeds are to be used to acquire and/or develop a new business that is expected to be substantially larger than the issuer’s existing principal business. The effect of the proposal is to achieve a listing of the new business that would not have otherwise met the new listing requirements.