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  • Additional requirements for extreme transactions

    • 19.53A

      In the case of an extreme transaction, the listed issuer must: 

      (1) comply with the requirements for very substantial acquisitions set out in rules 19.48 to 19.53. The circular must contain the information required under rules 19.63 and 19.69; and
      Note: See also rule 19.57A if the extreme transaction involves a series of transactions and/or arrangements.
      (2) appoint a financial adviser to perform due diligence on the acquisition targets to put itself in a position to be able to make a declaration in the prescribed form set out in Appendix 21. The financial adviser must submit to the Exchange the declaration before the bulk-printing of the circular for the transaction.
      Note: See also rules 17.99A to 17.99C for the requirements relating to financial advisers.