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  • Additional Exceptions to the Rules for Certain Overseas Issuers with a WVR structure

    • 8A.45

      Rules 8A.04 to 8A.06 do not apply to a Qualifying Issuer with a WVR structure seeking a secondary listing under Chapter 19C.

    • 8A.46

      Rules 8A.07 to 8A.36, 8A.43 and 8A.44 do not apply to a Grandfathered Greater China Issuer or a Non-Greater China Issuer with a WVR structure that has or is seeking:‒
      (a)    a dual primary listing on the Exchange under Chapter 19, on the condition that the issuer satisfies the qualification requirements under rule 8A.06 and has a track record of good regulatory compliance of at least two full financial years on a Qualifying Exchange of primary listing; or
      (b)    a secondary listing under Chapter 19C.
      (1)    In accordance with Rule 2.06, the Exchange reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse a listing of securities of an overseas issuer, for example, if its WVR structure represents an extreme case of non-conformance with corporate governance norms.
      (2)    This exemption is only applicable to the WVR structure in effect at the time of the issuer’s dual primary listing or secondary listing on the Exchange.