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  • Accountants' report (11.11-11.14)

    • 11.11

      In the case of a new applicant, the latest financial period reported on by the reporting accountants must not have ended more than 6 months before the date of the listing document.

    • 11.12 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 July 2008]

    • 11.12A

      (1) A new applicant or its group (excluding any associated companies, joint ventures and other entities whose results are recorded in the issuer's financial statements using the equity method of accounting or proportionate consolidation) must have an adequate trading record of at least two financial years comprising a positive cash flow generated from operating activities in the ordinary and usual course of business before changes in working capital and taxes paid. Such positive cash flow from operating activities carried out by the new applicant, or its group, that are to be listed, must be of at least HK$30,000,000 in aggregate for the two financial years immediately preceding the issue of the listing document.

      Note: A statement of cash flow prepared using the indirect method for submission to the Exchange for the purpose of satisfying rule 11.12A must also be included in the prospectus for disclosure purpose, if it is not al included in the accountants' report. Details regarding cash flow statements prepared under the indirect method are further described under the relevant accounting standard dealing with cash flow statements in accordance with HKFRS, IFRS or CASBE.
      (2) The applicant must have had continuity of ownership and control throughout the full financial year immediately preceding the issue of the listing document and up until the date of listing; and
      (3) The applicant must have been under substantially the same management throughout the 2 full financial years immediately preceding the issue of the listing document and up until the date of listing.

    • 11.13

      In the event that the company responsible for carrying on the active business is not the new applicant itself, such business must be carried on by a subsidiary or subsidiaries of the new applicant, provided that in relation to any such subsidiary (an "active subsidiary"):—

      (1) the new applicant must control the composition of the board of directors of that active subsidiary and of any intermediate holding company; and
      (2) the new applicant must have an effective economic interest of no less than 50 per cent in that active subsidiary.

    • 11.14

      The Exchange may accept a trading record period of less than two financial years for the purposes of rule 11.12A (and an accountants' report covering a shorter period than that specified in rule 11.10) and waive or vary the ownership and management requirements in rule 11.12A(2) and (3) for prospective new applicants with reasons acceptable to the Exchange in the following cases:

      (1) in respect of newly-formed "project" companies (for example a company formed for the purposes of a major infrastructure project);
      (2) in respect of Mineral Companies; and
      (3) in exceptional circumstances under which the Exchange considers it desirable to accept a shorter period.

      Note: Where the Exchange accepts a trading record of less than two financial years, the applicant must nevertheless still meet the cash flow requirement of HK$30 million for that shorter trading record period.