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  • Before bulk-printing of the listing document (12.23A)

    • 12.23A

      The following must be lodged with the Exchange by a new applicant before bulk-printing of the listing document:—

      (1) where the listing document is required to contain a sufficiency of working capital statement by the directors, a final letter from its Sponsor, confirming that it is satisfied that the statement in the listing document as to the sufficiency of working capital has been made by the directors after due and careful enquiry and that persons or institutions providing finance have stated in writing that such facilities exist; and
      (2) a final copy of all draft documents which have been submitted to the Exchange in support of the application for listing.

    • 12.23AA

      In case of a placing involving bookbuilding activities (as defined under the Code of Conduct) in connection with a New Listing, a written confirmation from the overall coordinator appointed and, where applicable, designated in accordance with rule 6A.42, providing:
      (i) the name of each overall coordinator;
      (ii) the fixed fees to be paid by the issuer to each overall coordinator;
      (iii) the total fees (as a percentage of the gross proceeds to be raised from the New Listing) in respect of both the public subscription and the placing tranches to be paid to all syndicate CMIs; and
      (iv) the ratio of fixed and discretionary fees to be paid to all syndicate CMIs for both the public subscription and the placing tranches (in percentage terms).
      1. The total fees in this rule, also commonly referred to as “underwriting fees”, include fixed and discretionary fees for providing one or more of the following services to the issuer: providing advice, marketing, bookbuilding, making pricing and allocation recommendations and placing the equity securities with the investors.
      2. The overall coordinator must submit to the Exchange any material changes to the information submitted under this rule and the reasons for such changes as soon as practicable.